Karlex is your partner during the entire product life cycle. أصل لعبة الدومينو We offer design services in the field of electronics and mechanics, we make the prototypes, we build the tooling, we take care of release and certification, we manufacture the parts and source components. كاباريه We assemble, test and pack your products and through our logistic network we can distribute your products throughout the world. العاب محمد صلاح 2022

Please look at our services below for more details.

We help our customers in getting their products ready for production. The result is to have just 1 contact person for development and final production for our customer. This means short lines and integration of the product phases: more control and speedy progress.

Our services includes a final revision of the drawings and material selection. But also developing a new version of your product with a better manufacturability and higher customer satisfaction.

We have also developed products for our customers that were just an idea at the moment. We develop the concept and technical documentation after which we start up production. The customer is in the loop and makes the decisions for their products.

Production is our core business. We do this by taking the burden of the entire production. You just give us the order and we deliver the end products at your doorstep. Our worldwide network of partners stand by us if additional expertise is needed.

For the several dozen products we produced over the last years, this normally starts with small batches. Sometimes we make even a few prototypes first be sure the product is made according to your specs. If needed, we make adjustments in the process or product too improve. Karlex is a flexible production partner and we are custom in adapting quickly to the situation. Just to get the products done and delivered!

A product is finished when all pieces are put together, the product is tested and is delivered at your doorstep correctly packed in the right cardboard box. This is part of our assignment for our customers. And we stop only after this is done.

We take the assignments from A to Z. And we are flexible in the way the products are tested and packaged so it meets your demands.